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 The Psalmist writes:  "He makes his steps firm."  As we look to the new year with all kinds of plans and intentions, we too, need to look for God and trust the Lord for guidance.  
    We see far too many times the scheming and manipulating of the wicked.  They know how to fool others; lying to someone doesn't even slow them down and dishonesty seems to be their habit and middle name.  Most of us deplore this kind of behavior on the part of others.  But do we not at times chart our own course and resort to some of the same tactics in order to get our way. . . all for a good cause of course. . .we think?
    How beautiful is the person who trusts the Lord for good and orderly and honest guidance.  There are people around us who do that. . . trust the Lord for guidance.  They know God upholds them regardless of how things may seem.  ----------So, in this new year we go on, admitting our waywardness; we place ourselves in the hands of God and seek his guidance.  May we all be so blessed.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jake



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