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Teacher, Grades - Kindergarten through 2nd:  Mrs. Marianne Allen
College:  Concordia Teacher's College, Seward  Ne;  Bachelors in Elementary Education at University of North Dakota, ELL certification in postgraduate school at UND

Experience:  5 years at Grand Forks Christian School (Elementary Social Studies,  Math, and Music teacher).   3 years at Manvel Public School (K-8 elementary school migrant English Language instructor, Special Education curriculum coordinator).  9 years at Bethesda multi-grade classroom.  Marianne received her Colloquy from Concordia in 2009. 

Philosophy of Christian Education:  I believe that if we put "first things first" loving God, learning His Word and His ways, loving our neighbors as we love ourselves then we will have a safe and caring learning environment in which students will excel as disciples and citizens that make a difference in our world.  

Teacher, Grades- Preschool and Junior Kindergarten:
Ms. Justine Gricius
Corning Community College, Corning New York, A.S. Elementary
              Keuka College, New York; B.S.-Environmental Science

Experience: 3 years at Bethesda Lutheran School, Preschool and Junior Kindergarten.    Ms. Gricius has a vast backround of experiences to draw upon in her teaching.  She has worked with YMCA Childcare, assisted with forestry & wildlife, researched sea turtles in Campeche, Mexico, and educated youth about nature and wildlife.  She also has worked as a volunteer firefighter and has professional CPR, First Aid and Open-water Lifeguard Certification.  Her experiences entail more than can be listed
for this young mother of three.  Ms. Gricius brings the joy of learning to
all of her students in an energetic, creative way.

Philosophy of Christian Education:


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